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We firmly believe that playing at an online casino should be an entertaining experience, but also understand that – if you aren’t careful – the fun can stop very quickly. At SpinAway we acknowledge our responsibility to both raise awareness of the risks and offer our players support if they feel gambling is becoming a problem.

Know the signs

If you’re worried that gambling is beginning to have a negative impact on your well-being, please review the below and make an honest assessment of whether you are synonymous with what we perceive to be a problem gambler.

Although not recognised as proven diagnostics, it is very common among those who have reached out to gambling help organisations to have associated their behaviour or emotions with one or more of the following:

  • Gambling with funds that you cannot afford to lose
  • Can’t enjoy your gaming experience without increasing the amount you bet
  • Found yourself unable to pay bills due to losses attributed to gambling
  • Feel that you must attempt to win back money lost as soon as possible
  • Lying to, and borrowing or stealing from, others to get money to gamble with
  • Concealing the amount of money lost, or time spent gambling
  • Using gambling as an escape from frustration or stress in life
  • Finding yourself unable to concentrate at work due to an urge to gamble
  • Tried to stop or take a break from gambling in the past, but failed to do so
  • Felt stressed, anxious or depressed after losing money gambling

If you’re feeling as though any of these statements apply to you, or someone close to you, we recommend that you either reach out to our Support team.